“Our belief is that the driving force of the Prime herd is the depth of the maternal power, in the pedigree of each animal”.

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Glenwellyn the home of the Prime Angus Stud is situated in a beautiful valley, nestled amongst the ‘Strathbogies”, at Warrenbayne, which is situated in NE Victoria.

430 productive acres where the Prime Stud Breeders and Bulls are cared for by the owners and Stud Principals – Colin Flanagan and Patricia Ebert.

Colin and Pat bring many years of experience with them from South Australia, having established and developed ‘Granite Ridge Angus Stud’, selling 150 two-year-old bulls each year, on 3000 acres having 400 acres of flood irrigation and building a good reputation for quality cattle.

Glenwellyn and the Prime herd were purchased by Colin and Pat in December 2019 and from that time lots has happened.  Fences were replaced, sheds were built, and two more properties were purchased, making a combined total of 800 acres. We cut hay and silage and run our maiden heifers on the other two blocks.  In March 2020 we had our first Bull Sale, selling 31 yearlings.

The Prime herd was an Autumn calving herd that specialised in selling Yearling Bulls and weaner Heifers.  The Prime herd is JBAS 8 as was the Granite Ridge herd and we will keep this score, having a strong farm Biosecurity Plan.

Going forward the Prime Angus herd now calves in two seasons, Autumn and Winter, allowing us to sell older bulls as well as yearlings.  This was made possible by the purchase of selected cows with bull calves from Ardrossan Angus.

In March 2021 we are selling 50 bulls, made up of yearlings and well grown 18-month-old bulls, meeting the needs of buyers for older bulls to work in their cow herds.

We now consider Prime Angus a closed herd and only carefully selected Herd Sires will be added.

·       Dedicated Stud Breeder
·       JBas 8
·       Selling Yearling Bulls
·       Selling 18 Month-Old-Bulls
·       A self-replacing, closed herd of Herd Book Registered (HBR) cattle

Prime Angus Stud

1174 Benalla-Warrenbayne Rd, Warrenbayne, Victoria Australia

Telephone: 03 5763 2341