“Our belief is that the driving force of the Prime herd is the depth of the maternal power, in the pedigree of each animal”.























































2023 Autumn Bull Sale Report

Full clearance of 42 bulls

Top $86,000

Average $10,500

On a perfect Autumn Day the Prime Angus Bull Sale was well supported with a full gallery of people. Bulls were auctioned by the Ray White GTSM team, led by James Brown and Michael Glasser

The sale came alive when Lot 14 was auctioned, with a number of buyers hoping to take him home, as the price hit $50,000 then $60,000 and then $70,000 – and when he was knocked down for $86,000 everyone just sat in stunned silence.

Gerald and Lynden Spry and family were the new owners of Lot 14 Prime Sterling Pacific T29 (now to be known as Prime Pure Gold T29). A special Thanks to the Spry Family of Wagga Wagga, NSW, who could see the potential of Lot 14 Prime Sterling Pacific T29, a 14-month-old bull who they intend to market strongly. We wish them every success.  The bidding was strongly contested, and we would also like to thank Jade Park Angus of Hansonville Vic, who were the underbidders who went on to purchase Lot 42 – another Sterling Pacific son.

A number of bulls sold to Angus studs – Spry Angus, Jade Park Angus, Onslow Angus, Malebo Angus and Illa-Langi Angus and we hope to see the Prime breeding go forward into the future.

Lot 23 Prime Sterling Pacific T36 sold as the second highest price for $21,000 to TJ Pierce & KM McConville of Mudgegonga Vic

The volume buyers were The Adam Thomson Family Trust of Strathbogie Vic who purchased 4 bulls to a top of $8,000 and average of $6,500. ND & KE McIntosh of Yackandandah Vic took home 3 bulls for an average of $9330 and Lithgow Pastoral of Swanpoole Vic, took 3 bulls to average $7830 and MJ & BJ Little of Birregurra Vic, took 3 bulls to average $7330.

We would like to say a BIG Thank you to everyone who supported or helped on the day of the

Prime Angus Bull Sale.


2022 Spring Bull Sale Report

Full clearance of 30 bulls

Top $24,000

Average $10,333

We welcomed a fine morning for sale day, having had 30ml of rain on Thursday and another 15ml falling after the sale had finished on Friday.

The bulls sold well with the 18-month-old bulls topping at $14,000 for an averaged of $9,583 and the yearlings topping at $24,000 for an average of $10,833.

Texas Angus, Warialda NSW took home Lot 16 Prime Beast Mode S111 for $24,000, being impressed with his whole package. A proud bull that moved on excellent feet, sporting a great spread of EBV’s, weighing 674 kg at 13 months, and he had scanned an amazing 119 for EMA. KD Opray of Hedley Victoria, a return buyer, took home Lot 24 Prime Beast Mode S104 for $20,000. The ten Beast Mode sons sold very well, averaging of $13,700.

Volume buyer RA & BJ Church of Marionvale Victoria, took home a line of 6 bulls for a top of $9,000 and an average of $7,500 and The Adam Thompson Family Trust of Strathbogie Victoria put together group of 4 yearlings, for a top of $14,000 and an average of $10,000 through Nutrien Euroa.

We would like to thank all Buyers, Underbidders and Friends for there continued support and a special thanks to the Warrenbayne Hall committee for their excellent catering.


2022 Autumn Bull Sale Report

Prime Angus 2022 Autumn Sale on 31st March 2022 was very successful with buyers from four states.

Thanks to the Ray White GTSM team who officiated in conjunction with Auctions Plus, having Ryan Morris Auctioneering. We also thank the Warrenbayne Hall Committee for keeping us well supplied with food and drinks, adding to the enjoyment of the day.

41 of 41 bulls sold to a top of $26,000 and an average of $11,872 an increase of $1,800 on the previous sale.  The 13, 18-month-old bulls topped at $24,000 for Lot 8 Prime Robust R126 purchased by Brad Stillard of R.M.B. Stillard Nominees of Barooga, NSW – through Elders, Shepparton. A Rennylea L519 son, Robust R126 out of an Ardrossan Equator mother has lots to offer – a bull with extra bone and good structure, he has eye appeal as well as a very credible set of EBV’s. The 13 older bulls averaged $14,540.

All 28 yearling bulls sold to a top of $26,000 and an average of $10,250. RA & BJ Church of Marionvale Victoria, took home the top priced bull in the sale – Lot 16 Prime Dusty S34, who is a standout Dusty son who ticked all the boxes having a well-balanced frame, a strong head, good skin and excellent structure. This is coupled with moderate Birth and strong Growth +133 for 600 DW, and +76 CWT – EMA in top 2% of the breed plus good positive fat and intramuscular Fat (IMF) added to this R43 is puppy dog quiet. The Church family was also the volume buyer, taking home a brilliant line of nine bulls, averaging $14,220.

Doug Lithgow of Lithgow Pastoral, Swanpool, Victoria – a long term client – took home 6 yearlings to a top of $11,000 and an average of $9,000.

There were bulls in a price range to suit all buyers, with 22 of the 41 lots selling from $6,000 to $10,000.

We would like to thank all Buyers, Under-bidders and Visitors for making the Prime 2022 Autumn Sale a success.

Back Row: Pat Ebert, Colin Flanagan, Dough Lithgow – long time customer and Volume buyer.

Front Row: James Brown and Michael Glasser of Ray White GTSM, Dave Brewer and his son, who proxy purchased Lot 5 for K & C Podmore to $27,000.


2021 Spring Bull Sale Report

Prime was blessed with a lovely sunny day on 9th September, a perfect day for a bull sale.  Held on property under Covid conditions, interfaced with AuctionsPlus and very capably lead by Ray White GTSM Albury, with Michael Glasser auctioneering – as only Michael can.

There was a total clearance, with a top of $27,000, and an average of $11,000.

Lot 5 Prime Beast Mode R10, was keenly sought after, with K & C Podmore of Wagga Wagga taking him home for $27,000, purchased through Ray White Albury.  Beast Mode R10 being 830kg at 18 months, he carries his weight well, being extra long with great muscle expression and a smooth silky skin.  He has curve bending figures, from Birth of +3.4 to 600 Day Weight of +152 and a Scrotal of 43cm. We are led to believe Mr Podmore is going to market Prime Beast Mode R10’s semen.

Long-time Prime customer, Lithgow Pastoral of Swanpool, Victoria, took home 6 Bulls for a top of $10,000 for Lot 3 Prime Beast Mode R71, and an average of $7,500.  His team consisted of four 18-month-old bulls and two yearlings.

Second top was a yearling, Lot 17 KC Momentous R123, purchased by Brewer Ag of Tallangatta Valley Victoria, for $20,000 through Corcoran Parker Wodonga. A powerful growth young bull, weighing 668kg at 13 months, he has huge potential with extra length and frame, good structure, 41 scrotal and +3.0 IMF.

RT & GJ Hooper of Greata, Victoria purchased Lot 11 Prime Index R85 for $19,000 through Corcoran Parker Wangaratta. A long, structurally sound, Var Index son with moderate birth, strong growth and positive rib and rump fat.

The top priced bull buyer of the Prime 2021 Autumn Bull Sale KD Opray of Headley, Victoria, returned to buy two bulls for a top of $16,000 and an average of $12,000 through Phelan & Henderson.

Chumpot Pastoral of Cudgewa Victoria, the Autumn 2021 volume buyer returned to purchase two bulls, through Corcoran Parker Wodonga, Lot 27 for $18,000 and Lot 24 for $10,000.

ND & KE McIntosh of Yackandandah Victoria took home a very handy group of  three bulls, Lot 2 for $11,000, Lot 6 for $10,000 and Lot 7 for $8000, purchased through Corcoran Parker Wodonga.

There were bulls sold to meet all buyers price ranges, with ten bulls selling for$10,000 and under, therefore being affordable to all our customers.

We would like to thank all Buyers, Under-Bidders, Ray White GTSM and all those that helped with the stock and the catering. It is all of you that have made our sale day a success.


2021 Autumn Bull Sale Report

A perfect day and a huge crowd and 46 registered bidders, led to good results, a top of $16,000 twice and an average of $8,350 for 39 bulls.  19 bulls at 18 months averaged $8550 and 20 yearlings averaged $8,200.

The Video Auction was led by Michael Glasser as Auctioneer, and the Ray White GTSM team, the Video was by Ben Hooper of Clear Vision Imaging and was interfaced with Auctions Plus.

Lot 15, a Marlon Brando son, was sold to KD Oprey of Hedley Victoria for $16,000, they also bought Lot 20 for $8,000 to improve their new herd.

Chumpot Pastoral of Cudgewa NSW purchased Lot 16 a thick, square Ardrossan Edmund son for $16,000. Chumpot and Towong Hills purchased 6 bulls, for a top of $16,000 and an average of $7670 through Corcoran Parker, Wodonga.

Bulls sold into 4 states and 7 bulls sold to Angus studs – 2 to Monterey Angus, Karridale, WA – 2 to Riddellvue Angus, Alexandra, Vic – 1 to Benle Angus, Conmurra, SA – 1 to Granite Ridge Angus, Avenue Range, SA and 1 to Merridale Angus, Tennyson, Vic.

All enjoyed the efforts of the Warrenbayne Hall Committee, serving coffee, tea and cakes as well as a scrumptious BBQ.

Our thanks to all who attended – buyers, under-bidders and friends, it is you who makes the sale day a success.



2021 Autumn Sale Video


Take a look at out latest video on our upcoming Autumn 2021 Sale.


2020 Autumn Bull Sale Report

Sale Day arrived all too quick – having only taken over the stud and property late December 2019, but we were very happy with the day and the results.

Lot 1 Prime Beast Mode Q60, an exceptional young bull, with excellent phenotype and strong figures, sold for $13,500 to Luke Graham of Tumorrama, NSW, through Elders Albury.

Volume buyers were Maxjem of Benalla, Victoria who took home 6 bulls to a top of $7,000 and an average of $5,420 and Lithgow Pastoral of Swanpool Victoria, who purchased 4 bulls for an average of $5,750.

Michael Glasser as Auctioneer presided over the Helmsman Auction with his GTSM Team and the Warrenbayne Hall Committee supplied a feast of eats and drinks, finishing with a friendly BBQ.

We want to thank all who attended and helped to make this sale possible.

Prime Angus Stud

1174 Benalla-Warrenbayne Rd, Warrenbayne, Victoria Australia

Telephone: 03 5763 2341